Freediving. Scuba. Swimming, Subwing and Water Confidence


Kitesurfing. Windsurfing. Foil-windsurfing, Sailing and Wakeboarding.


Underwater Dance/Photography. Ecstatic Dance. Arts.


Yoga. Breathwork. Meditation. Somatic Therapy and over 20 Body, Mind, Soul Activities

The Atlantis Call

Let the sun kiss you awake

Waking up to the sounds of the crashing waves in a beautiful eco lodge on the beach of Dahab overlooking the gulf of Aqaba, you will start the day with a relaxing Yoga and Pranayama session before embarking on your exciting journey of your chosen Water Activity with our handpicked instructors.

Choose your private practitioner

After a challenging and fun water sport experience you will find yourself relaxing in one of our Body, Mind and Soul Activities with our professional facilitators.

Meet your tribe

In the evening you are welcome to open up and share with the other seekers in a loving and safe space led by our Somatic therapist Momo, who brings a wealth of experience in assisting people to discover, connect, and live their true authentic self. Individual body work sessions will be offered every day based on your personal needs.

Discover ancient sites

Find yourself in the Great Pyramid of Giza, the largest ancient structure in the world. Our guides will be taking you into the pharaoh's final resting place within the subterranean burial chamber underneath the pyramid.


Facilitators Highlights

Andreas Peper

Freediving, Underwater dancing, Swimming instructor

Marcus Blacker

Breathwork Instructor

Janna ElBorno

SUP Yoga Instructor

Shia Weltenmenge

Artist in Residence


Momo was born in 1961, lived in France for her first 7 years and then grew up in Koblenz, Germany. Since her mom died of cancer at the age of 36, she was very interested in healthcare on all levels of our being. She first started to take care of my body and became a Nutritionist as well as a fasting guide. Through fasting she realized that mental health is equally important, and decided to join a ‘‘healing of the inner child’’ workshop offered by Rosemarie Schneider Basset, who later became her mentor and teacher. This work changed her world completely and she continued her education with her as a therapist and workshop leader, which lasted 4 years. In addition to that she completed the Gordon family-training and became a mediator a year later. For about 15 years she held her own workshops in Germany, and also gave private sessions as a life-consultant and mediator. Momo has been living in Dahab, Egypt since 2007 where she has been operating as a mediator, life consultant and laughter-yoga teacher.

She says with joy and thankfulness in my heart that I live exactly the life I want to live,- for many years now. She became the master of her disaster, - the pupil developed into the teacher and still stays a pupil of life. She harvests the fruits of her life and happily shares them with her students.


Captain Fabian

Fabian grew up in Berlin and learnt how to windsurf in the Baltic Sea from his father as a little boy. He worked with technology startups, the United Nations and organized trips to 16 African countries supporting entrepreneurs. In his thirties he entered a personal crisis resulting in a burnout and depression.

He started listening to his inner wisdom and started volunteering in dolphin conservation in the Red Sea. He began to swim with wild dolphins every day and connected deeper to the sea. His dream is to assist people in exploring their inner world by going deep into the sea and having the best time of their life.

He spends his free time in the water doing free diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing and also enjoys the mindful community of Dahab that offers so much wealth.

Engage with marine life

Thanks to our partnership with the Dolphin Watch Alliance we are in a unique position to accompany marine biologists in their mission to protect the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin. Encounter groups of 20+ dolphins in the water.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is not a luxury retreat, however it is high quality in terms of program and services offered. Our intention is to hold space for you and enable you to flow into the joy of life whilst respecting your holistic health.

Oceanic Ventures has been a Berlin, Germany registered company since 2018. We are a passionate and international team that gathers around water. Please see the team section for more information about us.

This trip is a unique opportunity for humans to connect with themselves by exploring the underwater world. We are welcoming solo travelers, couples and families alike.

We will be having the retreat center Wind Farm for ourselves. It’s an eco-friendly hotel that is owner-led, authentic and with private beach access. There will be a Yoga deck and it’s close to the sea. For single room requests and for families we offer rooms at the Jaz Dahabeya, which is right next to The Wind Farm.

Yes, Egypt is very safe. The country is very careful about protecting its tourists. You will be welcome everywhere with a smile. Our local guides know the region inside out and have many years of experience in working with international tourists.

Sharm El-Sheikh international airport for arrival on the 26th of October.

The offered food will be tailor made by a chef. Food will be prepared and served according to your needs. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

Egypt is located in the Sahara and the Red Sea is the warmest sea in the world. April/May and October/November are the best times of the year to travel to Egypt. The temperature ranges between 20°C (67°F) during the night and 30°C (87°F) during the day.

All facilitators and instructors are handpicked and have at least 5 years of experience in teaching and even more in the water. Every instructor and facilitator is different and has a unique way of bringing you closer to the water and yourself. We invite you to take a look at the overview section of all teachers to choose one that you like. You will also be given a chance to meet all the instructors during the welcome evening on Day 1 in Dahab.