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What we believe in

Our mission is to offer our guests an opportunity to dive into themselves and discover their inner wisdom by the power of water.


Our life changing journeys are unforgettable changing points in the lives of our guests. We offer shamanic journeys on the healing power of water. We currently operate in beautiful locations with sacred waters in Egypt, Indonesia and Mexico.

The mystery of of Atlantis

Plato told the story of Atlantis around 360 B.C. The founders of Atlantis, he said, were half god and half human. Studies indicate that Atlanteans may have been the ancestors of dolphins. They created a utopian civilization and became a great naval power.

Their home was made up of concentric islands separated by wide moats and linked by a canal that penetrated to the center. The lush islands contained gold, silver, and other precious metals and supported an abundance of rare, exotic wildlife. There was a great capital city on the central island.

According to Egyptian texts, this island in the Atlantic was overwhelmed by water. The ten kings, including Thoth, traveled east to safety by boat. Stories tell of the founders of Egypt arriving from an island in the Atlantic around 11,870 years ago.

We believe in people responding to our “The Atlantis Call” retreats to prepare the grounds for a new Atlantis - a striving civilization aiming for a higher level of consciousness.


Oceanic Ventures appeals to seekers who are determined to live their lives with a higher mission and thus believe in creating a better future for us all. Our community of “Atlanteans” includes shamans, entrepreneurs, artists, investors, monks, diplomats, business leaders and curious individuals from all sorts of backgrounds.

Contributing to the Sanctuary of water and life

We collaborate with local non-profit organisations. We support their work - ranging from water cleanup to empowering local communities, even protecting the local marine life.



Fabian grew up in Berlin and learnt how to windsurf in the Baltic Sea from his father as a little boy. He worked with technology startups, the United Nations and organized trips to African countries supporting entrepreneurs. In his thirties he entered a personal crisis resulting in burnout and depression.

He began listening to his inner wisdom and started volunteering in dolphin conservation in the Red Sea. He began to swim with wild dolphins and connected deeper to the sea. His dream is to assist people in exploring their inner world by going deep into the sea and having the best time of their life.

He spends his free time close to the water. He teaches free diving and works as a water therapist around the world.

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