Huni Kuin Plant medicine retreat

5th – 7th of July 2024, 2 nights shamanic healing Retreat in Estonia

we are excited and honoured to invite you to a very special Huni Kuī Retreat conducted by Txana Ikakuru & Batani of the Huni Kuin tribe. Txana Ikakuru is the spiritual leader and Pajé (shaman) of Aldeia Boa Vista, one of the Huni Kuin villages located deep in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil. We have the honour of welcoming him and his wife

Batani to hold traditional ceremonies and share their teachings and culture in Tallinn at Estonia.

With the sacred force of Nixi Pãe (Ayahuasca) and other medicines such as Kambo, Sananga and Rapé we will go through a very powerful process of healing, cleansing, personal growth, celebration & joy.

Together with our committee we will co-create a safe space for you to dive deep into yourself so that you can connect on a profound level with what the medicine Nixi Pãe has to teach you.


Ikakuru Txana Ikakuru is the grandson of Romão Sales who was one of the main guardians of the sacred Huni Kuin chants of Nixi Pãe. He was chosen by his elders to carry on the ancient Huni Kuī lineage of the sacred chants of the Nixi Pãe & their healing tradition. His knowledge on medicinal plants, sacred chants, and healing arts is vast and he works extensively with the youth of his community, sharing the wisdom of their culture and ancestry. As a conductor of Nixi Pãe ceremonies, he is respected for his dedication, seriousness, and tender care with which he transmits andperpetuates his culture all across the globe.


Batani is the daughter of Chief Elias of Aldeia Boa Vista and Mestra Rufina, one of the greatest teachers in Huni Kuin weaving. Coming from a very respected family she is part of the Yube Nawa Ainbu Group, a female group that studies traditional Huni Kuin chants and has strengthened the reprensentation of Huni Kuin women inside and outside the villages.

Batani’s voice brings‚ beautiful feminine force and energy to Nixi Pãe ceremonies along with her companion Ikakuru.

The Retreat Center

Surrounded by beautiful nature of Estonia. The venue is the perfect environment for deep healing immersions with plant medicines. The ceremonies will be indoor and out side a sacred fire.

Get in touch for 10% alumni discount as we want to grow and foster our community

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  • July 5, 2024 6:00 pm   -   July 7, 2024 12:00 pm
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