Amro Elmaghrabi

Thai Massage Therapist

Brief info

He spent a few years in the far east studying traditional therapy in the Sunshine Thai Massage School in Chiang Mai, The Institute for Thai Massage (ITM) and the ShivagaKomapaj Thai Massage School previously known as the “Old Medical Hospital”.
After finalizing a ten-day Goenka Vipassana retreat he worked together with Itzhak Helman, one of the senior students of Asokananda.
He has been offering Treatments and Training in Thai Yoga Massage/Thai Therapy and Vipassana Meditation since 2007 in the Middle East and Far East.
He combines his background as a healer and as an Apnea/FreeDive instructor offering Apnea as an extra tool for self actualization and increasing awareness of the environment.

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