Bayan Abuzinadah

Holistic Sound Healing, Breathwork and Yoga Facilitator

Brief info

A Multi-Dimensional Holistic Breathwork and Sound Healing Practitioner, Ceremonialist and Yogi. Bayan studied, practiced and adopted different sacred healing arts that empowered her to transform her life, sustain joy, and find love and light in the heart of everything.

Her work is based on her journey, creating inspiring workshops and transformational ceremonies using movement, touch, breath, and sound; integrating ancient healing instruments, Sufi, Shamanic and Tantric wisdom.

Her teachings inspire healing, growth, and compassion. Providing practical tools to cultivate more love in all life aspects. She believes that holding sacred space helps clear dormant pathways to open the heart for love and transformation.

Currently learning, loving, healing, sharing, and accepting the beautiful gifts and blessings coming her way. Creating retreats and ceremonies around the world, welcoming all to be part of this journey of love.

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