Founder, Water Therapist and Freediving Assistant

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Fabian grew up in Berlin. He formed an early connection with the sea as he learned to windsurfing from his father in the Baltic Sea when he was a little boy. He worked with technology startups, founded a Pan-African non-profit organization, and consulted the United Nations. In his thirties, he entered a personal crisis resulting in burnout and depression.

He tried out a variety of different modern and ancient healing methods, which led him to volunteering in dolphin conservation in the Red Sea of Egypt. He began to swim with wild dolphins and became deeply connected to the sea again. His dream is to assist people in exploring their inner worlds by going deep into the sea and having the best time of their lives.

He spends his free time traveling the world and honing his skills in Water Therapy, Yoga, and Freediving. He was initiated by the Huni Kuin during a Nixpupima ceremony and was named Pixcu.

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