Holistic Healer, Musician and Water Therapist

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Damla, who has led a nomadic lifestyle, devoted her life to learning, improving, and sharing healing arts during her travels. As a holistic therapist, she set out with the intention of sharing various healing methods, such as water therapy, voice activations, embodiment and expression practices through dance and acting methods, and energy work. Damla has been working with ancient plants for a while, holding space in plant ceremonies and sharing her voice and music.

She introduces a water therapy called Harmonic Flow, which she created by drawing inspiration from different healing techniques and aquatic bodywork modalities. Damla offers individual sessions and group workshops in the countries she visits, and she facilitates facilitator training for the Harmonic Flow modality.

She is a person who wholeheartedly aims to guide people to find their own authentic expression and remember the truth on their life journey.

Harmonic Flow water therapy is a healing method formed by combining deep relaxation techniques, meditation, massage, energy work, dance, and chanting on the surface of water, underwater, and after getting out of the water. This rebirth journey, which also includes shamanic elements and instruments, provides deep purification for the individual.

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