Dave McGoo

Freediving Instructor / 4x Irish National Record Holder

Brief info

4x Irish National Record Holder
Ranked 14th in the World 2020
Athlete, Coach and AIDA Instructor

Dave has a very relaxed approach to teaching freediving. He tries to make sure his students feel comfortable with him in the water as he feels this is one of the basic fundamental needs before you can truly relax and enjoy your time beneath the surface on one breath. His approach works well with those who have reservations or fears about being in an open water environment as it does with those more natural water-folk who are keen to develop their freediving at a more advanced level. When we learn to take our emphasis away from the numbers in terms of time or depth we can focus our attention where it matters most, allowing us to build our awareness and be present with the sensations within our bodies. Eventually, the deep dives or long dive times will come naturally as a consequence of this kind of approach.

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