Truth activator and Memory maker

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Fénix is a builder of bridges and a creator of dreams. Because of her passion, deep connections to others and belief in magic, she was able to overcome obstacles that may seem insurmountable to others. Her life has been enriched by traveling to many places and experiencing many cultures. She has seen miracles happen in her life in many ways and is constantly reminded that nothing is impossible. Fénix was born in a small Egyptian village but moved to the developed western world experiencing Austria from the ages of 7- 18 and finally moving to California to chase her dreams. This represents the introduction of many years of traveling the world as an artist, seeing the full spectrum of human nature in all its beauty and darkness and the beginning of her healing journey through self-awareness. She has come to experience the ultimate value of expressing one-self authentically and with compassion.

She trusts in life and all beings and believes in a brighter future for humanity. Fénix is here to ignite transformation, tap into the innocence of our inner child through art and help others to discover the magic that has weaved her life into something that many people think is impossible.

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