Gil fox


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Gil studies and teaches breathwork, movement and the bond with our body and the world of water.
In the silent space between inhaling and exhaling we can dive to the depths of our mind, meeting ourselves intimately and accepting with love all what we meet.
Breathing is spontaneous, from the first moment of our lives to the last and when we focus our attention on it, that attention can become a powerful tool to accompany us, making our lives more peaceful and calm.

In recent years Gil began to learn how these elements are connected. Practicing Yoga made diving deeper and diving made Yoga deeper for him. He has found the combination of both to bring him inner balance and great happiness.

He believes that freedive and staying in and under the water is a simple thing and we can feel very good and comfortable there. With focus on relaxing and having fun we can find out our potential and be connecting to ourselves in body and mind.

English ?? , Hebrew 

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