Marc Dujarric

Coach, Facilitator

Brief info

Marc began a journey exploring his inner worlds by following Ericksonian therapy for several years. He continued his journey by training in Non-Violent Communication, different kinds of massages, meditation, shamanic journeys, dance, psycho-body and spiritual coaching. Besides that, he deepened through various approaches his own discovery, like Vipassana, Tibetan, and Darkroom retreat, taking medicinal plants, familial constellations, readings on spiritual, magical, and esoteric thoughts, shamanic journeys, psycho-boxing, African and ecstatic dance, various diets or fasting. This non-exhaustive list is there for two reasons: one to reassure himself that he is sufficiently trained to coach, and the other to testify that it is easy to lose oneself in the exploration of oneself. Following a deep spiritual crisis which led him to question everything he learned, he decided to trust his inner wisdom. Today, he shares, through various workshops, the different methods that allow him to enjoy and live his daily life in a more joyful, pragmatic, and simple way. He has also been a water lover which made him leave his hometown Paris to live next to the ocean to have a daily water practice around surf, bodysurf, kitesurf, and wingfoil.

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