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Marcos, a psychologist from one of the most interesting universities in Mexico, is deeply fascinated by teaching techniques, therapy processes, and the healing power of music in medicine.

His approach to healing is diverse, drawing from humanistic psychology that integrates practices such as yoga, shamanic experiences, tarot, gestalt therapy, and the enneagram. Marcos believes in addressing the holistic aspects of human experience—mind, body, and spirit. His practice involves guiding individuals to discover and address their needs in these three dimensions.

His therapeutic techniques encompass client-centered therapy, psychoeducation, gestalt therapy, and movement & body work. These scientifically grounded methods contribute to people maintaining their evolutionary process and achieving independence.

Drawing from ancestral wisdom, Marcos utilizes Mayan astrology to enhance the accuracy of his work. He also engages in ceremonies with Mexican indigenous medicine men, involving sacred cactus from the desert known as hikuri, to address spiritual conditions and promote healing.

With a strong intention for the collective awakening of humanity, Marcos's work is deeply rooted in his experiences and learnings from revered Masters and Elders. Notable figures include Master Sundaram, who imparts knowledge on yoga, Hindu science, deep spirituality, and music, and Tawa Roy Littlesun, an exemplary figure in macrobiotics and life practices.

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