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Momo was born in 1961, lived in France for her first 7 years and then grew up in Koblenz, Germany. Since her mom died of cancer at the age of 36, she was very interested in healthcare on all levels of our being. She first started to take care of my body and became a Nutritionist as well as a fasting guide. Through fasting she realized that mental health is equally important, and decided to join a ‘‘healing of the inner child’’ workshop offered by Rosemarie Schneider Basset, who later became her mentor and teacher. This work changed her world completely and she continued her education with her as a therapist and workshop leader, which lasted 4 years. In addition to that she completed the Gordon family-training and became a mediator a year later. For about 15 years she held her own workshops in Germany, and also gave private sessions as a life-consultant and mediator. Momo has been living in Dahab, Egypt since 2007 where she has been operating as a mediator, life consultant and laughter-yoga teacher.

She says with joy and thankfulness in my heart that I live exactly the life I want to live,- for many years now. She became the master of her disaster, - the pupil developed into the teacher and still stays a pupil of life. She harvests the fruits of her life and happily shares them with her students.

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