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I was born and raised in Cairo, in a bourgeois, religious family. From an early age, I’ve had mixed thoughts about life, questions about reality and the work of Allah. Since these topics are taboo to discuss, I didn’t find the answers that I was looking for and that left me in a state of confusion and curiosity, seeking to open but stifled by the pillars of my society.

In 2018, when life has shut its doors and my inner world got dark and darker, a light was beaming from a distant window. With curiosity and not so much to lose, I gazed through the window, decided to leave everything behind, and made my first trip to Vietnam; a journey that is meant to be short yet has never ended.

Since then traveling has been my passion, I like to take risks and break patterns. Every adventure takes me to an inner place, and there I started to find the answers I was looking for. My joy comes from sharing and cherishing people as I find humans’ connection very profound and phenomenal. I love life. I relish the act of listening, contemplating and interpreting signs. I enjoy journaling and noticing the little details that make a difference and add grand meanings to my story.

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