Natalia Wilk

Freediving, Underwater dancing, Swimming instructor

Brief info

Natalia Wilk is a swimmer, a dancer, and a freediving instructor based between Berlin and the Ocean. For a couple of years now, she's been focusing mostly on water movement - offering WATSU (water therapy) sessions, one-to-one swimming classes, facilitating workshops from water and underwater dance, and creating underwater video-shorts. She believes that the aesthetic of movement is a result of its functionality. She likes eating berries and touching shells collected from her trips. Each day of her teaching will consist of land introduction and practice in the water. Starting with land-based exercises, you will get familiar with using the center and proximities as the movement starting points, address the gravity principles and study nonverbal communication.
Swimming could be perceived as a sport, yet a good swimmer knows that the most important thing is to feel the water, understand the buoyancy principle and focus on ergonomic movement.
The starting point for swimming - confidence class will be breathing practice and focus on feeling good in a fluid environment. Once that is established, what will follow is technical correction of body posture, feet work and angles of specific body parts while swimming with specific discipline.
Each participant will finish the three days of classes with an individual list of tips and things to work on.

English 🇬🇧 , Polish 🇵🇱 , German 🇩🇪

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