Pete Botman

Freediving instructor / 12x Dutch National Champion

Brief info

Freediving Instructor Trainer
12x Dutch National Champion
Competitive swimming coach
Over 1000 students
dived to 93m on one breath

Pete teaches freediving and has been in the water for nearly all his life. After becoming a freediving instructor, he started competing and has broken 12 depth records for Dutch men, including dives to 92m.
Being underwater, holding your breath, and finding your comfort is a parallel for many situations: not letting stress overtake you. You can learn to accept adverse circumstances and even come to enjoy them. It is good, learning to focus your mind in identifying the exact source of your problems, whether it is technique or psychology and working from there.
What he learned from freediving is PATIENCE, MINDFULNESS, TRANQUILITY, and BALANCE.
Freediving is a great activity - it has become Pete's life.
As a Freediving Instructor Trainer, he teaches all levels of AIDA freediving courses - absolute beginners who need to find comfort in floating to instructors.

English 🇬🇧 , Dutch 🇳🇱

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