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In the first hour I landed and met the group I knew that the whole experience was going to be exceptional. I would recommend the retreat to everyone. It’s fair to say that if you have something to heal or to understand about yourself, you will find the answers.

Monique was for me the BEST facilitator. I shared intense moments with her. She is a genuine person. She has an incredible energy and dedication about the way of living she has chosen to follow.

The breathwork workshop showed me Insane results ! What a surprise ! I never thought I could go that deep into myself by only controlling my breath. The session with Marcus was extremely well explained. The guidance is straightforward and the results are amazing. I would try to do this again, anytime !

Philippe, France

MIND BLOWING. I think that I still feel the ancestral energy from the pyramids going through my body. That was the pinnacle of the whole trip !

Michael, Germany

Learning Kite-surf was a dream come through and the same is true for swimming with the wild dolphins.

Martin, Switzerland

Freediving with Andreas totally changed my perception towards what freediving is. My connection with the sea has been unreal ever since. I truly enjoyed it. His calmness is contagious.

Arnau, Spain

The activities and teachers were outstanding and diverse!. I consider Momo’s presence and the workshops the “key ingredient” of the retreat whose aim was also spiritual personal development.

Raghda was my favorite instructor! She is just amazing! She really managed to convey to me her understanding of water and the experience of underwater dancing was simply magical and helped me to reconnect with myself!

Anika, Slovenia

It was an awesome group of people and I really loved the activities! Everything was well planned and timing, etc was on point.The crew was amazing. The retreat center itself was so nice and the food was incredible.

Breathwork was the most powerful for me, then dancing right after that really opened up my body & spirit. And I loved learning to freedive.

Julia, USA

I was really surprised by how amazing it was. The concept itself is super powerful, the people were amazing and I also liked The Wind Farm. It was a very good location. The sweat lodge was the best start possible.

The ocean and its healing and calming effect got unlocked for me through Andreas. The simplicity of his teachings was key.

Maximilian, Switzerland

I loved the boat trip – it was such a nice break up of the routine and gave us time to bond more with people from other activities. Marcus is the best breathwork facilitator I have encountered so far and the exercises were useful to learn.

Marion, Germany / Pakistan