The Atlantis Call

An all inclusive retreat

Days /8 Nights
Water Sports
Instructors & Facilitators
Well-being Workshops
profit donated to marine conservation
Private sessions by your choice
The Atlantis Call

Trip Highlights

- Freediving, Scuba Diving, Kite & Windsurfing,
Underwater Dancing, Water Confidence/Swimming (international certificates available)
- Yoga, Breathwork meditation every day
- Private Beach Access
- Clean up dive with locals
- Daily sharing circle and integration
- Private bookings with any of our facilitators for an individual/mini-group session
- Desert night with bedouins
- Boat trip to a hidden reef
- Ecstatic dance with ceremony
- Super healthy and powerful meals catered to your needs, organic and local

All activities are optional

A Typical Day

7:00am Morning yoga, meditation, breathwork
8:00am Healthy Breakfast
9:00am - 12:00pm Water Activities (you chose out of our six categories)
1:00 pm Healthy lunch followed by free time
3:30 pm Group activities and private sessions in the field of Body, Mind and Soul Activities
6:00 pm Healthy diner
7:00 pm Evening sharing circle with our somatic therapist
8:00pm Evening activity (Ocean Sound Healing, Ice Bath, Desert Night, Ecstatic Dance)

Our Activities

Water is the element of emotional release, intuition, and inner reflection. Our private and mini-group classes in Freediving, Scuba, Swimming and Water Confidence will make you immerse into your deep authentic self. You will get in touch with your deepest fears and strongest growth opportunities alike.
Let yourself get carried away by the waves and winds of The Red Sea. The more you let go the more you will be able to release. Wind & Kitesurfing and foil-windsurfing will guide you home.
The artist produces the liberation of his soul. It is his nature to create as it is the nature of water to run down the hill. Discover and create your new authentic self through Underwater Dance/Photography, Ecstatic Dance and applied arts.
After the immense growth opportunities of a full day deep in the sea we will help you to discover and formulate your deepest inner journey through yoga, breathwork, meditation, Somatic Therapy and over 20 Body, Mind, Soul Activities.

We seek adventure where others only dream

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Dahab, Sinai, Egypt

The Destination

A fictional universe of Magic
Dahab means Gold in Arabic and is historically a bedouin fishing village. It can be thought of as a remote island, on one side is The Red Sea and on the other is the desert.
With its beautiful diving sites and secret reefs, epic wind conditions and easily-accessible deep water, Dahab has drawn world-class athletes of water sports who train and teach their passions here.
Dahab’s energy and its awe-inspiring scenery holds a magical space for healers, artists, digital nomads and truth seekers of all ages and nationality to connect with themselves and the divine, to find soul-soothing relaxation and clarity of life’s purpose.
The nearest big city is Sharm El Sheikh, a resort city with an airport. Airport to Dahab is only 1h drive. Direct flight options are available from major European airports.

The Wind Farm

Retreat Venue

The Wind Farm is the main venue of “The Atlantis Call Retreat.”The farm is specialized in the organization of retreats and offers a yoga deck, garden and a private beach.It’s located in the beautiful Dahab lagoon area and the private setup offers an exceptional location. Shared lounges and massage rooms are available. Rooms at The Wind Farm are shared with other retreat participants. Three yummy and healthy meals a day will be provided.

Jaz Dahabeya

Retreat Venue

This luxurious, 4-star hotel is located right next to The Wind Farm and is connected through the beach. We offer this as an option to guests, who prefer a private room or come with children for an extra fee. The hotel features a lagoon-style pool, gym, sauna, a children’s playground and multiple restaurants. The all-inclusive rates offered include breakfast, lunch, dinner and nonalcoholic beverages.


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7 Days/ 8 nights including everything (except flights to Egypt)

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