Underwater Dance

Contact Improvisation in the water is a spontaneous dance beyond the limits of weight and gravity. It’s an effortless dance where we allow the water to do the work. Relaxation and release of unnecessary thoughts, of rushing and doing.... A deep experience of slowing down, connecting with ourselves, through tenderness and care.

You Will Be Guided by

Andreas Peper

Freediving, Underwater dancing, Swimming instructor

Raghda Ezzeldin

Underwater Dancing Instructor, Freediver, BBC 100 Women 2018

Maya Majoya

Underwater Dancing Instructor

Writing Circles with Hart Floe

Using the pen and paper as a method for healing and integration - Hart Floe will facilitate short writing workshops that will give you a golden opportunity to process the experiences you are going through. You’ll be held in a safe, protected space and given the tools and the space to be able to get your thoughts and your feelings out onto paper. This is known by many to be a very cathartic form of emotional release. This time will also be used to formulate new plans, put the ideas and inspiration you are having into action - and begin sewing the clear seeds of intention for what you want to bring into your life once your time at Atlantis is done!


Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance is an environment without observers, judgements, posturing, attitudes, conversations, shoes, alcohol, fragrances or smoke. A space where everyone can feel spontaneously safe. This is the dance you dance when nobody is watching. It's the dance of life, a natural dance away from commercial gain, a dance where we remember natural exchange with love, a dance through which we share our abundance and our blessings among all participants.


Underwater Photography

- Underwater photography with Fadi
Fadi offers Art direction for underwater photo/video shoots for the clients coming to the retreat to give them a chance to show their new underwater skills that they gained during the retreat.

- Underwater photography with Lana
All shots are taken on one breath while freediving and our photographer Lana uses natural light only. Her shooting style is simple and clean showcasing colors maximally close to those our eye sees underwater.
Submerging oneself on one breath is like stepping into another world, constantly moving, shifting, filled with enormous beauty and wrapped in silence. It might seem intimidating in the beginning. But as soon as you relax and let go you feel the close connection to that infinite blue space. Thus the models are encouraged to be as natural as they are for those spontaneous moments which are the most precious.

You Will Be Guided by

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