Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Foil-Windsurfing, Wakeboarding & Sailing

With over 280 days of wind over 4 Beaufort a year, an amazing range of conditions (shallow water flat lagoons, deep water lagoons, open sea) and warm water all year round, Dahab offers a variety of spots that are perfect for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced kitesurfers & windsurfers.

Foilsurfing has been gaining great popularity in the water sports scene. Those of you who have experienced the feeling of seemingly floating weightlessly above the surface of the water will immediately fall for this new discipline. From 10 knots upwards foil-windsurfing is tremendous fun and you’re floating. At Harry Nass you can learn foil windsurfing step-by-step in a relaxed atmosphere.
We offer wakeboarding and sub-wing in the rate case of no wind.

You Will Be Guided by

Seifeldin Darwish

Kitesurfing Instructor

Cyrus Samy

Kitesurfing Instructor
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